Getting Started

Here are our recommendations for where and how to start playing quizbowl.

Look at some questions is a great resource. Just open the files and see if you can guess some answers on your own.

Another fun way to check out questions is to make a one-person room on ProtoBowl. You might have to play with the settings to put the question difficulty at “MS” or “HS.”

Get a team

Grab some students you know, or start a new club at your school. If your school has a trivia club that plays other games, you can play practice rounds of quizbowl with them and see how they like it.

A quizbowl team in a tournament can be any number of players, but you’ll usually want to have at least 4 or 5 people. What’s more important is that you have a crew of people to practice with. A usual quizbowl practice is just to read questions and answer them, with or without buzzers. If the players are answering a lot, you should split them into teams and play off against each other. If the players are not answering much, we recommend a discussion-style practice — ask the players about what they know, and look things up together on the questions they don’t know.

Find another quizbowl school nearby

It helps a lot to work with another school when you first start on quizbowl. You’ll be able to visit their practices and see how they work, and you might want to set up scrimmages or coordinate travel plans.

In 2016-17, Ontario had 7 universities and 8 high schools that played in quizbowl tournaments. Contact names for some active clubs are on our Affiliated Schools page.

Follow an account for event announcements

Quizbowl announcements and schedules should appear in the Ontario Quizbowl Facebook group, on our Facebook page, and on our Twitter. They should also be on this very website.

Visit a tournament

Even if you don’t have a full club or team, you can go scorekeep at any quizbowl tournament, or you can play it short-handed if you’re brave enough. People will be glad to meet you.

Good luck! We love new schools, and we hope you love quizbowl as much as we do.