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2018-19 Results and CanCon

Quizbowl in Ontario Bell won Lisgar Novice over Glebe Lisgar won Carleton Sublunary over Bell "Montcalm CI" won Toronto Novice over UTS Glebe won Provincials over Lisgar Quizbowl Outside Ontario UHill / Hamber won UBC Spring Lisgar came 42nd at PACE nationals Other Results College quizbowl results were collected by Chris Sims. The de facto… Continue reading 2018-19 Results and CanCon

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ONQBA Awards for 2017-18

These are our awards to recognize some top players from the past season. We weighted these awards mostly for quizbowl, but we considered results from all formats.   Best Player -- Gareth Thorlakson (UTS) Gareth led all his quizbowl tournaments in powers this year, without picking up too many negs. His UTS teams finished X-1… Continue reading ONQBA Awards for 2017-18