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Comparing Stats for 2017-18

I looked at the stats from Toronto Novice Tournament and Carleton Supermoon Tournament. Here is my attempt to measure the strongest teams in Canada. (The stats might have errors in them, and lots of teams can always make the claim that they didn't play their full "A" lineup. So this isn't a perfect measurement of strongest… Continue reading Comparing Stats for 2017-18

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All Results 2016-17

Quizbowl Tournament Date Champions 2nd Place Results? Recap? Lisgar Novice October 22, 2016 Lisgar Jr Lisgar Jr B results MacIntro II October 22, 2016 Westmount "Central RH" results recap Ottawa QT 12 December 3, 2016 Lisgar Lisgar B results recap Toronto Novice December 3, 2016 "Central RH" White Oaks results Lisgar, Westmount, and "Central Richmond… Continue reading All Results 2016-17

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Results from IHBB Nats and Reach Provs

IHBB and Reach for the Top aren't quizbowl, but they're still pretty competitive. Here are some results from their spring 2016 events.International History Bowl Canadian ChampionshipVarsity (up to grade 12)1. Lisgar2. Bayview3. UTS4. WestmountJV (up to grade 10)1. UTS2. Royal St. George3. LisgarInternational History Bee Canadian ChampionshipVarsity1. Sheena from Lisgar2. Josh from Lisgar3. Alec from… Continue reading Results from IHBB Nats and Reach Provs