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ONQBA Elections

ONQBA will elect a new board this summer. I am conducting these elections. I do not intend to continue with ONQBA next year, so I look forward to seeing new leaders run things. I've met loads of competent and organized people who volunteer at quizbowl tournaments. I know that the next regime at ONQBA will be… Continue reading ONQBA Elections


Call for Members and New Board (Updated)

Update -- August 17, 2017:As of August 2017, the ONQBA board is Peter Cordeiro, Sherry Li, and me. Peter is our acting president for 2017-18. We expect to work together with many members of the university and high-school quizbowl community. We intend to have board meetings every two months, and we intend for ONQBA to… Continue reading Call for Members and New Board (Updated)


Checklist for Tournament Directors

This is a checklist for directing a quizbowl tournament. It is written for small high school tournaments in Ontario, though most of it would apply to any tournament.The tasks in (brackets) are encouraged but inessential -- many successful tournaments are run without those measures. Use your own judgment.If this list is overwhelming, then ignore the… Continue reading Checklist for Tournament Directors