What is the ONQBA?

The ONQBA is the Ontario Quizbowl Association, a non-profit group that promotes and organizes quizbowl tournaments at high schools in Ontario. We were founded in 2011 and was run for several years by Ben Smith.

Currently, the ONQBA is lead by a board consisting of:

  • Peter Cordeiro, President
  • Brendan McKendy, Secretary
  • Sherry Li

All of our board members are former or current quizbowl players who have now taken leadership roles and started organizing quizbowl tournaments. Joe Su, Meghan Torchia, and many other volunteers also work with us to realize our mandate to ensure quizbowl events are well-run.

The ONQBA’s operations include:

  • Running the Ontario Provincial Championship
  • Staffing and directing tournaments at high schools and universities
  • Modifying question sets for Canadian audiences
  • Occasional financial aid for some school’s quizbowl teams

The ONQBA is in the process of incorporating and registering as a charity. This will not change our operations — we have always been strictly non-profit, and we have always had the same priorities.

The ONQBA is not a governing body. We do not make or enforce gameplay rules (rules vary slightly from event to event at the discretion of the host), we do not “own” the rights to any format (quizbowl events can always exist independent of us), and teams are always free to choose what ONQBA events they do or don’t wish to participate in.