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ONQBA Elections

ONQBA will elect a new board this summer. I am conducting these elections. I do not intend to continue with ONQBA next year, so I look forward to seeing new leaders run things. I’ve met loads of competent and organized people who volunteer at quizbowl tournaments. I know that the next regime at ONQBA will be steady and productive.

Our organization was originally conceived as a coalition of university quiz clubs, but for the past few years, it has operated as a six-person organizing committee. ONQBA’s mission and mandate are to coordinate high-school quizbowl in Ontario. ONQBA is not involved with Reach, History Bowl, university quizbowl, or quizbowl outside Ontario — though these communities often include many of the same people.

As things are now, the ONQBA executive team performs these main duties:

  1. Directing tournaments and helping / persuading university clubs to run their own high-school tournaments. (This is the majority of the work.)
  2. Writing “CanCon” to edit into Canadian editions of question sets.
  3. Keeping this website up to date, including keeping track of the tournament calendar.

The ONQBA constitution says that an executive board should be elected by members, and that membership is open to anyone. Our current list of members is here. You can fill in this form to become an ONQBA member, and you can fill in this form to run for an executive post in ONQBA.

The deadline to become a candidate is the end of Sunday, July 14, 2019. Members will vote for new executives over the period of July 16-19, and new executives will be declared on Saturday, July 20.

Running list of candidates:

  • Raymond Chen (for Secretary)
  • Peter Cordeiro (for Treasurer)
  • Sherry Li (for Webmaster)
  • Joe Su (for Treasurer)
  • Meghan Torchia (for President)

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