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2018-19 Results and CanCon

Quizbowl in Ontario

Quizbowl Outside Ontario

Other Results

College quizbowl results were collected by Chris Sims. The de facto Canadian championships are SCT and ACF Regionals, and McGill A swept both those tournaments.

History Bee & Bowl has a nice results page. Their winners this year:

  • Lisgar won the Ottawa bowls.
  • UTS won the Toronto bowls.
  • St. George’s won their BC bowls.
  • UTS, St. Joseph’s (Ottawa), and Southpointe (BC) won middle school bowls.
  • Players from Lisgar, UTS, UCC (Toronto), Glebe (Ottawa), West Point Grey (BC), and Southridge (BC) all won bees.
  • UTS players won Nationals at every level of bee and every level of bowl.
  • Players from Westmount and Abbey Park won their geography bees.

Reach results are best collected by the Reach Scores blog, but their database is always down lately. Their championships:

  • UTS beat Westmount to win Provincials
  • Westmount beat Lisgar to win Nationals

CanCon From Provincials

For Quizbowl Provincials, I added these original questions about Canada, mixed in to the NAQT question set. They all replaced questions about similar American topics.

I also made edits to adjust NAQT’s questions for a Canadian audience, often tweaks to the hard parts of bonuses. Lots of the NAQT questions asked about US government departments, and I often changed those to also ask about the equivalent Canadian departments. For the NAQT questions that originally asked about Canada or hockey, I deliberately edited those to make them harder.


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