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Provincials Result — Congratulations to Glebe

On May 5, Glebe CI won Quizbowl Provincials. They beat Lisgar in a two-game final, coming back from a game behind in the standings.


The full stats are here.

The round-robin standings had a clean hierarchy, like this:

  1. Lisgar A was 10-0
  2. Glebe was 9-1 (loss to Lisgar)
  3. Bell was 8-2 (losses to Lisgar and Glebe)
  4. Colonel By A was 7-3 (losses to Lisgar, Glebe, and Bell)

Between those 4 teams, the closest games were Glebe beating Colonel By (320-285) and Glebe beating Bell (250-230) — both games within a tossup. Lisgar’s only close game was their win over TMS (290-230).

Lisgar A got to play an advantaged final against Glebe (best of 3, but already including Lisgar’s win over Glebe from the round-robin). Glebe won both games of the final by wide margins (395-275 and 335-185), coming from behind to take the championship.

I was very pleased with how this tournament played out. Players, staff, and coaches are, as always, really nice to deal with and really full of energy. Enormous thanks to Ruth, Ian, Austen, Ted, Ryan, Alex, Joshua, Kevin, Robin, Olive, Colin, and Peter. I know I pushed you all around on some things. You were all very flexible and accommodating, whenever we had to scramble for something.

Austen took all the pictures at this event. He is an actual photography guy who used an actual camera, so the pictures are pretty good this time!

The solo teams were Yadu from Heart Lake and Lucas from TMS. They were the only road warriors representing South Ontario, and they both went 4-6. They were also the two teams with the most minus-fives, which is good strategy when you have no teammates to block out.

Carleton University Academic Trivia hosted this tournament, and their treasurer Ted Gan collected the money and gave receipts. I directed the tournament representing ONQBA. The finances for the tournament are as follows:

$705 collected in admission fees from the teams
Less $287 to NAQT for the question set ($176 US)
Less $311 to reimburse Brendan for pizza order
$107 gross earned by Carleton club for hosting tournament

I’ll have Canada questions and season recap online soon. Congratulations again to Glebe, and thanks to everyone. Go win some university tournaments!


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