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Provincials at Carleton on May 5 — Detailed Announcement

Ontario Quizbowl Provincials will be on Sunday, May 5, 2019, at Carleton University in Ottawa. We’ll play 10-ish rounds plus finals. We’ll use a Canadian edition of an NAQT IS set. We will play timed rounds on clocks, to fit in the most possible games without running late.

Carleton Tunnels
A planned “underground city” to be built in time for Provincials. (Image source.)

The tournament is a high-school championship. The questions will be pretty similar to other quizbowl tournaments from this year, though the competition might be a bit stronger.

Teams should all arrive before 8:30 AM, and round 1 should start at 9:00 AM sharp. The lunch break will be shorter than an hour, and we will provide pizza to players and staff. We expect to have the tournament finished by 3:30 PM.

This tournament will cost $75 per team, with the following discounts:
– $5 per buzzer set
– $10 per volunteer you bring
– $5 for early registration (by end of Saturday, April 13)

The minimum price is $50 per team.

There is no “qualification” for Ontario Provincials — if your team is strong enough or brave enough to enter the championship, you are invited to come play.

If teams from other provinces are interested in playing the tournament, they’ll probably be asked to play as exhibition teams. If an individual player wants to enter the tournament, they’ll have to register a one-person team and represent their school.

This tournament is the day after the Canadian Championships of History Bee & Bowl. Both events are in Ottawa, but at different sites. IHBB is at Lisgar, and Quizbowl is at Carleton. Google suggests that it’s a 10-minute drive or a 1-hour walk between those two campuses.

You should register teams or ask questions by emailing me, You should also email me if you can volunteer your time to staff the tournament.

We plan to take pictures at this tournament, and to post the players’ full names and schools in the stats. We understand that some players and schools might not be OK with this. If you have any privacy requests, including if you’d prefer to play the tournament under a pseudonym, please let me know, and I’ll make sure we accommodate your needs.

(I will collect money and post transparent financials for this tournament. Our costs are the question set fees, paying Carleton for the facility, lunch, printing, and trophy. We do not intend for the tournament to make a profit.)

Registered So Far:

  • Bell (1 team, early, 1 staff)
  • Colonel By (4 teams)
  • Glebe (1 team, early, 1 staff, 1 buzzer)
  • Lisgar (2 teams, 2 early, 2 staff, 2 buzzer)
  • Montcalm CI (1 team)
  • TMS (1 team, early, 1 buzzer)

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