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Highlights from Carleton Sublunary

I ran Carleton Sublunary Tournament on Saturday, and I got to be in a game room watching the action this time. Full stats are here. My highlights are below:

Teams missed all the usual questions about British novelists that the teams miss every year.

Round 1 teams gave some confused buzzes where they couldn’t remember the name of the answer, or they didn’t realize what the question was asking for. We heard a pretty good spoonerism of a literary character.

Glebe player powered an academic question from classic rock knowledge.

Ashbury coach was very friendly and willing to make fun of her team, especially for their poor lit knowledge. She was more pleased when they could 30 a bonus about a British history topic they had learned in her class the day before.

Two small boys visited the tournament in the morning. They were very nice — they helped with a few chores, and they seemed to learn how to use the buzzers. The teams were weak on a question about a children’s author, but it turned out that the boys were familiar with the author, and they knew some of those books in the French editions.

All the teams were good at movie questions but a bit weak at the TV questions.

Ashbury player was excited to hear questions about Turkey, although disappointed to hear so many Turkish things translated into English. Colonel By player was excited for questions involving Wales, and she appeared to teach some Welsh to her teammates.

Gabriel from Lisgar got most of the questions about Canada in my room. The Lisgar and Glebe clubs both probably had a strong team’s worth of players who weren’t able to come to the tournament.

Colonel By players asked for various misspellings of their school’s name in the official records.

Top Lisgar team looked like they had really balanced knowledge, each of their players was buzzing on lots of different categories.

Top scorer in the tournament was Kevin from Bell, and he seemed to catch every history and geography clue. He had a bad game in the finals, but got multiple powers in every other round of the tournament.

Ashbury had a high scorer, Thomas, who only arrived late in the tournament after they’d already taken 3 losses.

Lisgar H was almost all grade 10 players, and they all got points and wins. Lisgar juniors stayed late to play in my scrimmage room, and they were neat people to discuss the questions with. The only grade 9 player in the tournament was Greta from Colonel By, who scored a clean 6 tossups and 0 minus-fives.

Ashbury coach, Bell coach, and Colonel By player were all very good about doing scorekeeping in my room. I kept calling the Colonel By player by the wrong name.

The Colonel By D team went 0-7, but they had no grade 12s. They were also missing a player thanks to an ankle sprain, probably from exerting himself too much in quizbowl practice. Their strongest games were scoring 150 points against Glebe and against the senior Colonel By team.

Abbey from Bell got all the trash tossups in my room. The Bell team is a new club this year, but Bell is always a top academic school, and the players all had good general knowledge.

Ekin and Brandon from Ashbury won the “enthusiasm” prizes for taking the most -5s. Those two plus Isaac from Lisgar totalled 18 powers, 18 10s, and 30 negs.

Teams were all fluent on US sports. Teams did very well on a “this decade” tossup, which is the kind of question that is usually neg-bait. Teams impressed me on current events and American history, which they do every year.

There were reports of the senior Colonel By team taking their timeout to give advice to the opposing junior team. There were also reports of a special “skip the bonus to save time” trick.

Round 5 — Glebe Beating Lisgar

Glebe got a win over the top Lisgar team in round 5, 365-340. That might have been the best game for Jacob from Glebe — he got three tossups at the end, including a 15 on physics to clinch the game. After 16 tossups, Glebe was down 345-165, but from then on, the tossups were 6 for Glebe, 0 for Lisgar, and 1 dead. Lisgar also got 0 on a difficult biology bonus early in the game. This game was tied with the finals for being the highest-scoring game of the tournament.

There was a lunch break after this game, at which point Glebe was leading the tournament at 5-0, with Bell and Lisgar each at 4-1.

Round 6 — Lisgar Beating Colonel By

The top Lisgar team survived a close game versus the top Colonel By team. Matthew from Lisgar had his best game of the tournament, converting 7 tossups while his teammates only scored 1 each. Some tossups went dead early about a famous building and an American novelist, and Matthew got most of the points on questions asking about Canada and the US. Colonel By got the final tossup and a 30 on the bonus, but it wasn’t enough, and Lisgar beat them 355-340.

Bell beat Glebe in round 6, so those teams were then both tied with Lisgar at 5-1. None of them were playing each other in the final round, so it looked like they could all win to 6-1 and force a “circle of death” playoff.

Round 7 — Colonel By beating Glebe

Jacob from Glebe had a nice power about a recent disaster. Kevin from Colonel By had a power on a boring novel. Xiao from Colonel By took a neg on a public figure who died recently, buzzing in and then just blanking on the person’s name. Tossups went dead about an American play, a historical scientist, and an opera. After 17 tossups, Colonel By was leading 235-205.

Amy from Colonel By got 3 of the last 6 tossups to clinch the game — two arts/culture questions, and then one about a food. Max from Glebe was baited into a neg on a confusing math tossup. Tynan from Glebe got a nice buzz on the a chemistry question, but it was too late. Colonel By knocked the Glebe team out of the tournament, winning 380-230 and finishing with a 0 on a physics bonus.

Glebe fell to 5-2, and Bell and Lisgar were both 6-1 and into the finals. The top Colonel By team finished at 4-3, with losses to the two finalists and to Ashbury.

Measuring by points-per-game or powers, Lisgar and Bell were the best teams in the field. Measuring by points-per-bonus, Lisgar and Glebe were the best teams in the field.

The Colonel By captain commented after the tournament that almost all their rounds were close, so they could have easily gone 6-1 or 3-4. He said he felt that the variance in their results was just from the luck which questions fell into which rounds of the tournament.

Finals — Lisgar Defeats Bell

Lisgar managed an early lead by 20ing or 30ing all their bonuses. At half, Lisgar was up by more than 100, and then in the second half they won the tossup battle 7-3. There were no dead tossups in the final. Lisgar got a clean win, 485-220.

Gabe, Matthew, and Amy all scored high 15s and very low -5s for Lisgar. Isaac was the only player in the finals who wasn’t a grade 12, and he managed a nice power on classical history. All eight players got at least one tossup in the finals.

Upcoming Events

Ashbury has a trivia night this Friday (Dec 7) which will be free entry plus free pizza. You will need to RSVP to them in advance, so you can message me or comment here and I will send you their details.

Lisgar is running a Saturday Reach tourney in February and then History/Geo Bee/Bowl in March.

Next quizbowl will probably be in Toronto or Hamilton in February, and then Provincials in a location TBD.


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