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ONQBA Awards for 2017-18

These are our awards to recognize some top players from the past season. We weighted these awards mostly for quizbowl, but we considered results from all formats.

Powerful school full of ringers.


Best Player — Gareth Thorlakson (UTS)

Gareth led all his quizbowl tournaments in powers this year, without picking up too many negs. His UTS teams finished X-1 or better in every tournament he played in any format.


Most Improved Player — Tony Chen (Richmond Hill)

Our records show that Tony has always been a strong player. But some people claim he has improved a lot. Opponents report that he has gained a lot of lit knowledge — possibly enough to power Maya Angelou.

Also got votes: Gabriel Clark (Lisgar), Amy Wang (Westmount)

Best Junior — Oliver Weizel (UTS)

Oliver won some IHBB Canadian championships in his grade 9 year. Now in his grade 10 year, he played the full season on the UTS B team and led them to glorious wins over teams like Westmount and Richmond Hill.


All-Star Team

Gareth Thorlakson (UTS)
Oliver Weizel (UTS)
Tim He (Westmount)
Kevin Le (Colonel By)
Daniel Petrov (Richmond Hill)

Also got votes: Tony Chen (Richmond Hill), Ryan Hamilton (Royal St. George), Colin Veevers (Lisgar)


If you think we overlooked your friend for an award, then you can post about it and set us straight. If you think we overlooked you for an award, then you should improve your game until you are too strong for us to ignore next year.


5 thoughts on “ONQBA Awards for 2017-18”

  1. I’ll say now that I regret not voting Ernest Li of UTS as an all-star. He scored tons of points on some dominant teams this year. It was an just omission of mine that I didn’t notice him his scores when it was voting time.


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