All Results for 2017-18

Quizbowl Results


All Other Results

College quizbowl results for the season were compiled by Paul Kasinski in this post.

History Bee&Bowl results are on their results page. Our quick list of winners:

  • Royal St. George won South Ontario bowl.
  • Lisgar won Ottawa bowl.
  • UTS won Toronto bowl.
  • UTS won all the junior bowls for South Ontario and Toronto. Ashbury and St. Joe’s won the junior bowls in Ottawa.
  • Thomas from Ashbury, Ryan from Royal St. George, and Vivek and Oliver from UTS all won bees.
  • UTS won the bowl nationals at every level.
  • Ryan from Royal St. George won the senior bee nationals. Vivek and Oliver from UTS won the junior bee nationals.

Reach results are on the ReachScores database page for 2017-18. Our quick list of winners:

  • Martingrove (Etobicoke), White Oaks (Halton), Westmount (Hamilton), and Glebe (Ottawa) all won their Regionals.
  • Martingrove, UTS, and London Central each won a Saturday tournament.
  • UTS won Provincials.
  • UTS won Nationals. Ontario teams dominated Nationals again.


Comment or contact us if you know more Reach Regionals winners. You’re all invited to entertain yourselves with the ReachScores audio posts — they have recordings up now of the Lisgar tournament in February. If you feel brave, you should also go play in summer open events. We’ll be back with awards soon.


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