Call for Members and New Board (Updated)

Update — August 17, 2017:

As of August 2017, the ONQBA board is Peter Cordeiro, Sherry Li, and me. Peter is our acting president for 2017-18. We expect to work together with many members of the university and high-school quizbowl community. We intend to have board meetings every two months, and we intend for ONQBA to continue doing coordination and support work on high-school quizbowl tournaments.

We’re glad to have Sherry joining our board, and we’re glad for input we’ve received from Meghan Torchia and Joe Su, who both do lots of work coordinating university quizbowl in Canada. Not many fall tournament dates and sites have been announced yet, but they are being planned, and we’ll have a schedule online as soon as these things are confirmed.

If you wish to join the ONQBA board mid-season, you can email me ( If you wish to join ONQBA as a member, you can still fill out the form linked below.

Original Post — July 31, 2017:

As of July 2017, ONQBA is Peter Cordeiro and myself. This will change. You may wish to be involved. Per our constitution, ONQBA should have any number of members and a small board of directors.

Membership is available to anyone interested in promoting quizbowl in Ontario, as soon as they give an email and ask to join. We have no membership records, so we consider all our members to have lapsed. If you would now like to become a member of ONQBA, you can fill out this exciting form. We will contact you if/when there are matters on which to vote, and to invite you to relevant meetings.
The Board of Directors has historically been a body of 4+ people with a mandate to meet regularly, and to host and promote quizbowl tournaments in Ontario. The board consists of a President, Secretary, and other members. My plan is to continue as Secretary, and Peter’s plan is to remain on the board. This leaves us needing at least two board members.
If you wish to serve on the board in any position, please indicate so on your membership form. If we get lots of candidates for board, or if someone wishes to displace me as secretary, then we will hold elections for our board seats. If we get no candidates for president, then Peter has offered to serve as interim president for 2017-18. 
(After we have a new board, we may wish update the constitution. ONQBA, in any era, has not functioned exactly as our constitution prescribes. I’d like to clean up the constitution, and also to get a new written consensus on how ONQBA works and what it does.)
Last year was not ONQBA’s best, but there are terrific university and high-school quiz communities in Ontario. I look forward to renewing and reforming our work.

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