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Results from IHBB Nats and Reach Provs

IHBB and Reach for the Top aren’t quizbowl, but they’re still pretty competitive. Here are some results from their spring 2016 events.

International History Bowl Canadian Championship

Varsity (up to grade 12)
1. Lisgar
2. Bayview
3. UTS
4. Westmount

JV (up to grade 10)
1. UTS
2. Royal St. George
3. Lisgar

International History Bee Canadian Championship

1. Sheena from Lisgar
2. Josh from Lisgar
3. Alec from UTS

1. Ryan from Royal St. George
2. Gareth from UTS
3. Colin from Lisgar

IHBB Canada may post a results page soon. We don’t have results yet for their middle school division or from their side-tournaments that weekend.

Reach for the Top Ontario Provincial Championship

Final Standings
1. Martingrove
2. Upper Canada College
3. Lisgar
4. London Central

Prelim Points (in 7 games)
1. Martingrove, 3100
2. Lisgar, 2830
3. Merivale, 2700

4. Upper Canada College, 2530
5. Waterloo CI, 2500
6. Hillfield Strathallan, 2460
7. Woburn, 2430
8. London Central, 2410
9. Centennial, 2330
9. Marc Garneau, 2330

Reach for the Top posted a PDF playoff results sheet showing that all their semifinal and final games were within 60 points. They updated their results live on their Facebook page.

Ben Smith tweeted a sheet ranking this year’s Ontario teams against historical top teams. He controlled for PPG, win-loss record, and strength of schedule.

Ben also noted that a team from UTS could very possibly have won Reach provincials this year, if they’d managed to qualify. Reach’s regional qualifiers create a bottleneck in the Toronto area, where UTS lost in a single-elimination game. Their results playing in house-reach tournaments this year suggest that they might have been stronger than any team actually at Provincials.


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