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ONQBA Awards for 2014-15

These awards are for the 2014-15 season — most of our winners have now graduated out of the categories they won for. We voted on all these a long time ago. Ted and I wrote the blurbs.

A Lisgar player accepting some sort of award.

Best Player — Cameron Amini (Colonel By)

Cameron was the strongest high school player in Canada for at least two years. He went from being the history player on a great team to being a player who could power questions on any subject. Other players got stronger in 2014-15 because they had to compete with Cameron.
Most Improved Player — Nicholas Sunderland (Lisgar)
Nicholas won Canadian History Bowl and almost won Ontario Provincials with Lisgar. He was the second-leading scorer on his Lisgar team at HSNCT. Lisgar A improved massively through the year, breaking into the HSQBRank top 100.
Best Junior — Sheena Li (Lisgar) 
Sheena was the top scorer on Lisgar B at HSNCT. She played Ottawa History Bowl with seniors on the Lisgar A team, and she nearly won the JV section of Canada History Bee.
Best Junior — Jonathan Liu (Colonel By)
Jonathan was a threat to score on almost any category. He got 47 PPG at the Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament — a commendable achievement for a player who was just starting quizbowl.
Community Leader — Ruth Crabtree (Lisgar)

Ms. Crabtree has led and supported countless quizbowl projects over the last 15 years. Her work as a coach, organizer, trip supervisor, and mentor has made her a cornerstone of good tournaments in Ottawa and beyond, both during her teaching career and in her retirement. We are lucky for every year of Ms. Crabtree’s leadership.

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