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Announced: 11th Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament — Nov. 21

The 11th Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament will be on November 21, 2015 at the University of Ottawa. It will use a Canadian edition of the NAQT IS-149A question set.

Details from Rodrigo’s HSQB announcement:

University of Ottawa is happy to announce we will host the Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament XI (these all go up to 11!), we will be playing the NAQT-set 149A. We are working on making a Canadian edition with NAQT and ONQBA. 

Fees for the tournament/ discounts:
$50 for the first team from a school
$40 for each additional team
-$10 discount for a functional 8-person conventional buzzer set
-$5 for Buzzbox (only applied if we need them)— 

The tournament will also most likely have a 1/1 Canadian content.
Time and date: November 21,2015 . Please arrive at 9am so we can start by 9:30
Building: TBD
Please email Vanessa- president@uotrivia.ca and myself- rmora080@uottawa.ca to tell us the number of teams you will bring and the discounts you will have.

Colonel By has won the last two editions of OQT, but Lisgar is ambitious about is winning this year so they can qualify for some US nationals. I’m looking forward to this event, and I will be sure to have someone doing coverage.


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